Dear Parents and Community,

I want to welcome everyone to the 2022-2023 school years. I am excited to be the principal here at Dixie Middle School. I look forward to working with you and your child (ren) during the upcoming year. We strive to practice our motto of Respect, Responsibility, & Achievement = Success. This isn't just a motto to be said every day; it is something we will work hard to practice on a daily basis. With this in mind, school safety is always at the forefront of our decision making here at Dixie Middle School.

This will be an exciting year for all of us. I am thrilled to be part of the Greyhound family, a part of the New Lebanon community and a part of your child’s educational growth experience. I encourage you to reach out to me if there is anything that you or your child needs, any concerns or ideas you may have or if you just want to talk and get to know who I am. I also encourage everyone to support the school and your child’s education by volunteering for different events throughout the year.

I am looking forward to leading Dixie Middle School in a positive direction and working with you to achieve this. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to contact the office or send me an email.

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Thank you,

Thom Maxwell

Dixie Middle School Principal

(937) 687-3508