Request for Change in Transportation

If you are making a Request for Change in Transportation, you may request only one stop location each morning and only one stop location each evening. The requested stops must remain the same for all five days of the school week. In other words, we can no longer transport children to multiple addresses within a week’s time.

If at any time you need to request a change in your child’s transportation, a Request for Change in Transportation form must be submitted to the office of the school your child attends at least four (4) days before the beginning date of the transportation change. Please submit the forms early to allow time for processing and be sure to contact the Director of Support Personnel, Charissa Brombaugh at (937) 687-2095 to find out when the change will go into effect. Please be assured that consideration will always be given to emergency requests.

Bus Passes

The Ohio Administrative Code requires that every child riding a school bus be assigned to a specific seat location on the bus. When all bus seats have been assigned, no additional children can be permitted to ride that bus. Many of our buses are at capacity. Children regularly scheduled on a bus route have priority over special requests for transportation. As a result, bus passes will be issued only for emergency reasons. Bus passes will not be routinely issued to children so that they may ride home with friends. A request for a bus pass must be submitted in writing to the school office. Consideration will always be given to emergency requests.

Transportation Resources

Transportation Director
Charissa Brombaugh

(937) 687-2095