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DMS Expectations

As students, you are now part of a great tradition of high expectations. Our Middle School building was once the Dixie High School, and the footsteps that you are taking today follow our graduates that have made valuable contributions to the world. Those who have graduated from Dixie make our world a better and safer place to live. All of those who you follow today are proud to be called a “Dixie Greyhound”. When you enter the halls of Dixie Middle School each day, you are now part of this wonderful tradition.

Each of you are special at Dixie Middle School. We want you to be happy in school and learn all that you can. Follow these five guidelines which will help you be successful during this school year and throughout life.

Guideline 1: Be Responsible

All throughout your life you must decide how you will act. Therefore, we expect you to do what is right whether anyone is watching you or not. This is called, “being responsible.” As a middle school student, you will discover that it isn’t always easy to make responsible choices, especially if some else is not. It is important to remember that you are in charge of yourself. You can do what is right!

Guideline 2: Always Try

The best way to learn something new is to practice until you can do it. If you are unwilling to try, you can not practice. When you try to do something new it is often difficult, but if you keep trying it will get easier and easier.

Guideline 3: Do Your Best

When you do a job or an assignment, do your very best. While you are working on something, ask yourself, “Am I trying my best?” If you give your job your best, you can learn more and feel more responsible than if you just slide through the job. If you make mistakes, but did your best, we can help you learn from your mistakes.

Guideline 4: Cooperate with Others

Cooperation includes being polite, treating others with respect, accepting differences between people, dealing with disagreements through STP (Stop, Think and Plan) and encouraging others to do their best.

Guideline 5: Treat Everyone and Everything with Dignity and Respect

Everyone must know that Dixie Middle School is a safe and supportive place to be. An example of respecting property includes caring for our school and the personal property of classmates and staff. Any behavior that could hurt someone else will not be allowed. All need to be treated with respect by not arguing. Degrading language towards others is unacceptable.

The Dixie Middle School Staff will help you achieve success. We are here to help, motivate, support and educate each of you. As you enter the doors of Dixie Middle School today are following in those footsteps of so many. Dixie Middle School is more than a building of bricks and mortar. We are part of a great tradition and dedicated to making a difference in your life.

DMS Book Fair

The whole school is excited about our upcoming Book Fair. An amazing selection of books is headed our way! At the Book Fair you will find the latest and finest titles for kids, as well as books of interest to parents. Mark your calendar for our Family Event where the whole family can join in the fun. And, you can contribute books to your child's classroom library. The Book Fair is a great way to get everyone excited about reading. See you at the Book Fair!

 Scholastic DMS Book Fair

Now Parents and Students Can Search for AR Books from Home!

Now, anyone can search for AR books online for free! That means parents, guardians, and students can conduct book searches by author, readability level, point value, and topic. Then, they can place the titles in their online AR BookBag, print it, and take it to their bookstore or library.

AR BookFinder also provides accessibility to the book lists generated by classroom teachers using AR BookGuide. The book lists contain titles of books that teachers assign or recommend for students to read. Visit and start searching today!