DES Music

Dixie Elementary School offers a superb program to students in Kindergarten through fourth grade. Music classes are offered weekly and include activities such as voice development, instrument exploration, introduction to classical composers and various music genres, connection between music and other subjects, etc. Classes are fast paced and include hands-on activities. Students are involved in many performance opportunities. Some of them are Veterans’ Day programs, winter festival celebrations, spring concerts, field trips, etc. 

On Wednesday, March 6th, all 3rd and 4th graders  and teachers from the Dixie Elementary School in New Lebanon, OH enjoyed a field trip to the Kuss Auditorium in Springfield OH. We had a blast! The bus ride was fun, the venue seats were comfortable, and the music was fantastic! We were able to participate in an interactive concert where the audience and the orchestra were creating music together. Some of us were singing, others were playing the recorders, but we all had a once in a lifetime experience. 

We couldn’t have done it without the support of the Ohio Arts Council. Through their Big Yellow Bus grant, we were able to transport 170 students and teachers to Springfield. The grant covered the full cost for transportation. 

Thank you, Ohio Arts Council, for giving us the chance to enjoy music education outside of the classroom! We appreciate your support and look forward to applying again next year.


Alissa Diaz
Music Teacher
Dixie Elementary School
New Lebanon, OH