Welcome back! August 2020

posted Aug 15, 2017, 10:36 AM by Lisa Morris   [ updated Aug 26, 2020, 4:26 PM ]

Pixie says, "Hi."
Study Hall Google Classroom Codes
Please use the following codes to join the appropriate study hall classroom. See below for study hall goals and expectations.

2nd hour:  z2mdoto

3rd hour:  xofc4pz

4th hour:  6i6avv6

5th hour:  id7ekvt

6th hour:  ywdsg2I

7th hour:  z4ucazj

I don't know about you, but for me, one of the worst parts of the Covid quarantine was not getting to see all of  my students. I'm looking forward to seeing all of you again, but want us to still stay as safe as possible, so please read through the school's new policies and procedures, and let's do what we can to keep each other motivated and healthy.

The new hybrid schedule will take a little getting used to, so please remember it is important ask questions, stay in touch with your teachers, and stay up-to-date on your Google Classroom assignments. Your teachers are just an e-mail or Google message away and are always willing to help. 

I, too, am always available for homework help, so if there is anything I can do to help with your homework, just see me in class or send me an e-mail. (Or, send me an e-mail if you just want to say, "Hi." That is always okay, too!) lmorris@newlebanonschools.org

Stay safe out there, wash your hands, and I hope I see you all soon.  (Pixie, our feathered study hall mascot, is looking forward to seeing you, too!)

  --Ms. Morris

Study Hall Information:

The goal of study hall and study tables is to provide a quiet, structured space for students to read, study and work on assignments. Students should bring something to read or work on every day. 45 minutes of texting on a cell phone or surfing the internet is not an acceptable use of your time (nor does it do much to improve your grades). 

Students will be encouraged to study, prepare for upcoming tests and projects, and to check their grades in Power School often. Parents should regularly check their students' grades as well. If students' grades drop below C level in any class, they will lose their study hall phone and recreational computer privileges until their grades come back up. Students, please use your time wisely and do your best in each of your classes. 

Parents, please contact me if you would like to discuss your student's progress or how they use their time in study hall. The best way to reach me is via e-mail: lmorris@newlebanonschools.org

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