Military Families Support

Dixie High School is proud to support the unique needs of all military children and families. We encourage all school staff, students and community members to initiate, support and participate in appreciation activities designed to recognize the exceptional role and unique sacrifices our military-connected families make in the best interest of our nation.

Support our Troops yellow ribbon recognition's, musical memorial performances, and mentor period surveys/discussions are just a few of the many military appreciation activities at Dixie High School each year. In addition, DHS teachers are informed of the unique needs and the resources available for military-connected youth and they are prepared to share supports as needed.

In addition to local support, please see the resources below that are listed on the Ohio Department of Education website.

Military Families Resources

 Financial Resources and Discounts for Military Families - This site lists a number of resources and opportunities to receive military discounts.

 Military Interstate Children’s Compact Commission - Ohio is one of 50 states involved in the Interstate Compact for Educational Opportunities for Military Children, which is working to ensure that military children are properly enrolled in schools, have eligibility for school activities and have assistance in meeting graduation requirements. Learn about the compact on this website.

 Veterans Executive Order Report - A comprehensive look at what state departments, boards, commissions and our institutions of higher education can do to support Ohio’s veterans and service members, and to make our state an ideal home for veterans seeking to launch their civilian careers.

 House Bill 488 - Revised Code to require state institutions of higher education to award credit for military training, to increase penalties for certain theft, deception, and identity fraud offenses when the victim is an active duty service member, to allow for a civil action for victims of identity fraud, to make other changes regarding state support and benefits for veterans and their spouses, and to clarify membership in the State Teachers Retirement System.

 Health Care Licensing for Military Members and Spouses - If you or your spouse is a current or retired member of the armed forces of the United States, or a reserve component of the armed forces of the United States, including the Ohio national guard, the following information is provided to help you in obtaining licensure or certification by the Ohio Board of Nursing. 

 Ohio National Guard’s Family Readiness Program - This program provides information and tools for Ohio families, including educational resources, youth camps and recreational opportunities.

 Military Child Education Coalition (MCEC) - The Military Child Education Coalition’s work is focused on ensuring quality educational opportunities for all military children affected by mobility, family separation and transition.

 Ohio Inter-service Family Assistance Coalition (ISFAC) - The ISFAC serves as a statewide “safety net” in support of Ohio military families. The ISFAC connects military families with national, state, regional and community resources as well as volunteer support services.

 Army OneSource - Army OneSource, Army Child, Youth and School (CYS) Services works with parents, students and schools to mitigate the challenges resulting from children switching school systems because of family relocation or deployment of a parent.

 Touching Base - Touching Base is a quarterly U.S. Department of Education newsletter for the military community.

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