Dixie High School

Dixie High School Students, Parents and Community:

I am once again thrilled to be a part of the New Lebanon Local School system and to have the privilege to lead Dixie High School. This is my 8th year in as Principal of Dixie High School. I feel blessed to be a part of such a great school. The students and staff have made each year a memorable one. 

The 2020-2021 Will have a very different look as we navigate through the waters of the COVID19 Pandemic. It is critical that all students, teachers and parents work together for the success of every student. Communication from school to home and home to school is crucial. I have listed some contact information below.

I want to reassure students and parents that we have implemented several COVID safety protocols and equipment in the high school. We will make every effort to make sure students and staff are masked and observing social distancing.

Parents, please make sure your student, freshmen to seniors, checks in EVERY SCHOOL DAY with his or her teachers. This might be as something as simple as attending class virtually (through Google Meet, Zoom or other virtual communication software), sending an email, completing a form, submitting assignments and tests, meeting one on one virtually with students, checking with teachers on additional help after school and on Fridays, etc. The more students and their parents communicate, the better the odds for success.

We want the 2020-21 school year to be another outstanding year at Dixie High School. To make that happen, we all must work together as a team, and I encourage input from students, staff, parents and community to make that happen. Respect+Responsibility+Achievement=Success is not just a slogan for our district and high school but a process for achieving a successful school experience and rewarding future as an adult.

The Class of 2021 will lead the way for all of our classes as they take on character building challenges in the classrooms, in the community, on the stage and in the athletic arena. College Credit Plus and Advanced Placement courses will continue to be offered at Dixie High School to challenge students and help students to begin building their college transcripts. The Dixie High School staff will be alongside students every step of the way to help all of our students reach their goals.

Students will need to bring a strong effort and enthusiasm to their learning to get the most out of every academic day at Dixie High School. We encourage parents and community members to talk with students often about what they are learning at Dixie High School. Parents can check progress in classes at any time by accessing PowerSchool on the website or by e-mailing teachers. Check with Mrs. Teater, High School Secretary, on any questions regarding PowerSchool, fees, transcripts, etc.

At Dixie High School, we strive for the success of every student. The comments and questions from our community are very helpful to our continuous improvement. Please feel free to contact me with your feedback: bwolgast@newlebanonschools.org or by phone: (937) 687-1366. Finally, please be sure that your correct email is on file with your student's account. You can email Mrs. Teater or Mrs. Woolery to give them your correct and accurate email at dteater@newlebanonschools.org or kwoolery@newlebanonschools.org.

Important 1st Quarter Contacts:

Kristy Woolery, DHS Attendance Secretary: kwoolery@newlebanonschools.org 937-687-1366 ext 401
Debi Teater, DHS Secretary & District EMIS Coordinator dteater@newlebanonschools.org 937-687-1366 ext 400
Dena Shepard, Director of Curriculum & Pupil Services dshepard@newlebanonschools.org 937-687-1366 ext 483
Brad Wolgast, DHS Principal bwolgast@newlebanonschools.org 937-687-1366 ext 402
Tabitha Justice, DHS Counselor tjustice@newlebanonschools.org 937-687-1366 ext 411
Melissa Earich, NLLS Crisis Counselor mearich@newlebanonschools.org 937-687-1366 ext 442
Brian Miller, Day Custodian bmiller@newlebanonschools.org 937-687-1366 ext 409
Chelsi Fry, NLLS Nurse cfry@newlebanonschools.org 937-687-1366 405


Brad Wolgast
Dixie High School Principal