Multi-Purpose Building Project

Multi-Purpose Building Proposed
New Lebanon Local School District is in the planning and approval stage of constructing a multi-purpose building near the main entrance of Chief Brown Stadium. The proposed building will improve the event experience at the stadium.  In addition, the building will provide additional space for school activities and community events.

The new building will offer a covered ticket area, restrooms and a new concession stand.  The restroom facility will remove the need for fans to use portable toilets or leave the stadium to use the park facility.  The covered ticket area and concession stand will protect fans from the weather and give the stadium a colorful new look. 

The proposed multi-purpose building will also include a large multi-use area. This area will allow for sheltering of students in the event of dangerous weather conditions during an event.  This space will also provide room for athletic teams and other school activities to practice inside and escape bad weather.  With this additional space, more time can be given to community youth teams and other community organizations to use existing indoor facilities at New Lebanon Schools.

The Multi-Purpose Building Project will be completed without the need to request new taxes from our community.  The project can be completed with existing funds and will have minimal or no impact on New Lebanon School District’s operating budget.

Once approvals are secured, a timeline for completion of the project will be set so that Dixie students, parent and community members can benefit from the building as soon as possible.

(Artist Rendering)

Multi-Purpose Building Ceremony April 2016