Solar Eclipse, August 21st

posted Aug 18, 2017, 9:31 AM by Greg Williams

On August 21st, beginning at approximately 1pm, a solar eclipse will be visible in our area.  The time of maximum eclipse will be at approximately 2:30pm.

During the eclipse, eye safety is an extremely important concern.  Because part of the light from the Sun is blocked by the Moon, it becomes more comfortable for a person to look at the visible portion of the Sun without having to turn away.  However, the rays from the Sun will cause eye damage if a person watches the eclipse without proper eye protection.  Sunglasses do not offer proper protection.

At DHS and DMS, students will be dismissed from school at their regular time (2:20).  It is very important to emphasize to your child that he/she should not look at the eclipse. 

DHS and DMS are planning after school learning activities related to the eclipse with appropriate protective eyewear.  Students must have a signed permission slip to attend the after-school learning activity.  Parents must also emphasize the importance of following all of the safety protocols during the activity with their children.

At DES, classes will still be in session during most of the eclipse.  Students will remain inside during the eclipse with windows covered by closed blinds.  Teachers will be conducting lessons centered on the eclipse and will view the eclipse on live internet/tv video.  

After school sports and music activities will not begin outside practice activities until 3:30 on August 21st.

All 3 schools will be making eye safety announcements to students on Friday and Monday.

For those parents who would rather not have their children coming home from school or in school during the eclipse for eye safety reasons, you are encouraged to sign your child out from school between 12:30 and 1:00 on August 21st.  The early sign out will not count against your child's attendance.

We appreciate your help in making sure that students know the potential for permanent vision damage from looking at the eclipse without proper eye protection.  We want students to be able to experience this rare event safely.