Parent Update 9.10.20

posted Sep 10, 2020, 11:28 AM by Greg Williams

September 10th, 2020 Update

School Meals

Recent announcements by the USDA and the Ohio Department of Education will allow us to re-start the free meal program at New Lebanon Schools similar to the program hosted by the school earlier this year.  Beginning on Monday, Sept 14th, all students will be eligible to receive free lunch and breakfast each day.  The program is authorized through December 31st, 2020 but may end earlier if funds are depleted before that date.

Free meals (breakfast and lunch) will be available for students while they are at school and will also be available to be taken home for students’ remote learning days in the hybrid program and for those students on full-remote learning.  In order to request free meals to be taken home, parents must call their child’s school office to request a spot on the meal pick up list.  Parents must call by Monday Sept 14th to receive meals for next week.  For those who decide to call for the following weeks, requests must be made by Thursday of the preceding week.  Once a student is on the list, the student remains on the list until the parent cancels the request.  The free meal program only applies to standard breakfast and lunch meals—a la carte items will still require payment.  Meals for students on full remote can be picked up on Fridays—we are not able to deliver to homes.

Student on full-remote learning will be eligible for five days of take home meals.  Students in the hybrid model will be eligible for 3 days of take home meals with the other 2 days of meals being served in the regular school breakfast and lunch service.

For those students who qualify for the free/reduced lunch program, it is still critically important for parents to complete the free/reduced lunch application for this year.  When this free meal program ends on December 31st or before, there will not be a grace period to fill out forms before students are charged full price if applications are not completed.

COVID 19 Reporting

Recent orders from the state of Ohio have added COVID 19 reporting requirements to Ohio schools and for parents of children in Ohio schools.

The New Lebanon Reopening Plan has always included parent notification of positive COVID 19 cases at a school.  In addition to reporting to parents with a letter, the district will also notify the community through a posting on the district website.  The district has also published a COVID 19 dashboard on the district website under the Departments/Health and Wellness menu.  The dashboard will be updated with COVID 19 statistics each week.

Families of students who should be quarantined due to a positive test result of another person at school, will be contacted by school personnel as soon as possible after the school has been informed of a positive test.

In addition to the parent and community reporting, the district will also report positive cases to the Montgomery County Department of Health.

The recent order also requires parents to report student positive COVID 19 test results within 24 hours of receiving the results for both remote and in-person learners.  The report can be made by calling the child’s school attendance line. 

Though it is not part of the state of Ohio order, New Lebanon Local Schools strongly encourage families of students who have taken their children to be tested to keep those students home from school until results have been received.  Keeping a student home while awaiting test results decreases the possibility of transmission and could reduce the number of others quarantined if results come back positive.

Bus Driver Opportunities

New Lebanon Local School District is in immediate need of bus drivers.  The cost of all training and certification is reimbursed by the district.  Hourly pay begins at $15.05 per hour.  There are many opportunities for additional paid hours for driving athletic trips and other extra trips.  Please call 937 687 1301 for information on how to apply.   

Register to Vote

New Lebanon Local School District continues to provide an excellent education for Dixie students without increasing local costs.  New Lebanon Schools have not asked for an increase in local funding since 2006—the longest period in Montgomery County. 

We encourage all of our Dixie families to register to vote.  The voter registration deadline for Ohio is October 5th, 2020.  Online voter registration is available by visiting this link

Upcoming Dates

September 11                                 Patriot Day

September 14                                 Music Boosters 7 pm

September 17                                 Homecoming Drive-In

September 18                                 Homecoming Game v Waynesville

September 21                                 Athletic Boosters

September 24                                 Parent Teacher Conferences (video/phone)

September 28                                 Board of Education Meeting 6 pm

September 29                                 DHS Picture Day

October 1                                         DHS Picture Day

October 1                                         Parent Teacher Conferences (phone/video)

October 5                                         Ohio Voter Registration Deadline