Parent Update--Preparations for Quarter 2

posted Oct 9, 2020, 12:09 PM by Greg Williams

We have reached the final week of quarter 1 and we are preparing to transition to expanded in-person learning for New Lebanon students.  This update includes important information about the 2nd quarter.

The first day for 2nd Quarter in-person classes is Monday, October 19th.  Since this will be the first day for the expanded number of students in schools, please be prepared for some of the “beginning of school” delays that are typical as students get used to new routines.

Health requirements remain in place and are extremely important with the expanded number of students at school.  Please review your expectations with your child for symptom checks before coming to school and for following all expectations at school, which include masking and sanitizing.  Water fountains will not be available at school, so it is important for students to bring a water bottle each day--each school has a touchless bottle refilling station.

For full-remote learners, it is very important that parents check-in on student work often to see that students are making adequate progress.  School staff will also be checking in with students regularly.  Students should plan on logging in each day for several hours to make adequate progress.  Remote and in-person tutoring sessions are available for full-remote learners.  Please contact your school for details on tutoring appointments.

The current school meals program will remain in place for Quarter 2 with a few changes.  We expect the free meal program to be available to all students through December 23rd.  We will alert families as soon as possible if the program is ended by the USDA before then.  For the 3rd quarter, we expect the meal program to return to the typical school system of paid, reduced and free based on income information.

For in-person learners, meals will be available during the breakfast and lunch meal times set by each school.  For remote learners, meal packs will still be provided on Friday for those parents who have added their children to the request list.  Once a child is placed on the request list, the request will stay in place until the parent removes the child.  To add your child to the request list, you must call your child’s school by Wednesday in order to receive meals on Friday.  School meals for remote learners must be picked up; we are not able to make deliveries.

New Lebanon School District administrators will continue to monitor health conditions to make adjustments in school programs as they become advisable.  We appreciate the involvement and understanding of New Lebanon parents as we respond to the health emergency in Ohio.