New Lebanon Schools Amended Quarantine Guidelines

posted Dec 10, 2020, 11:42 AM by Greg Williams
The Montgomery County Department of Public Health has recently released new guidance on the length of quarantines relative to COVID 19.  New Lebanon Local School District will amend our current district health plan to include some aspects of the adjusted guidelines.

The following quarantine alternative will not apply to situations in which a student’s quarantine is due to the positive test of someone who lives in the student’s home.  The duration of a quarantine for a person who lives with a person who tests positive will be at least 14 days from the last exposure--this is our current district practice.

The 14-day standard is still the optimal duration of quarantine according to the new guidance; however, the new guidance does allow for a quarantine of fewer than 14 days if certain criteria are met and the parent of a student chooses to shorten the quarantine duration:

Alternative: Quarantine ends 10 days after last exposure (return on Day 11)  if no symptoms, the student is checked for symptoms twice a day by parents through day 14 (includes temperature check twice a day), and the student follows masking and distancing requirements.

Parents may elect to keep students quarantined for the full 14 days--the absences will still be recorded as excused.

Thank you to our entire community that has helped to reduce the potential for the spread of COVID 19 by following health guidelines.