New Lebanon Parent Update 8.21.20

posted Aug 21, 2020, 12:17 PM by Greg Williams

Mask Requirement and School Opening

Although the initial information that student facial coverings could include facial shields as an alternative to cloth masks, the recent Ohio Department of Health orders do not allow use of facial shields instead of masks.  Our district reopening plan has been revised to require that students in Kindergarten through Grade 12 must wear a mask at school unless they have a documented health condition that exempts the student from mask wearing.  The new plan is posted on the district website in the Recent Announcements section.

Our plan does call for routine, socially distanced “mask breaks” during the school day.

The revised plan is available by selecting the link below.

School will begin on August 31st for those students in Hybrid Option- Cohort 1.  Those students in Hybrid Option- Cohort 2 will not be required to attend remotely on August 31 and Sept 1, their school year will begin on Wednesday, Sept 2.  Families will receive notice confirming student cohorts soon if they have not been received already.

Students in full remote learning will also begin online instruction on August 31.

School Meals

For this school year we are going to have a sack meal pick up option for the days that students are not in person at the schools.  Therefore, if you elect to send your child in the hybrid model, you may order 3 sack lunches and breakfasts for pick up by your child each week.  Or if you elect to have your child fully remote learning, that child has the option to order 5 sack lunches and breakfasts per pick up each week. 

Pick up sack meals will automatically include a breakfast and a lunch for each day that a student is in remote learning.  We cannot allow families to only order a lunch or only order a breakfast.


It is important to note that NOT EVERY CHILD IS ELIGIBLE FOR A FREE BREAKFAST AND LUNCH.  These sack meals operate the same way as if your student was going through the lunch line here at school. 


Examples are as follows:

·        If a family completes a free/reduced lunch application and the student(s) qualify for free lunches, children will receive free sack meals. 

·        If a family completes a free/reduced lunch application and the student(s) qualify for reduced lunches, children will receive the reduced price per sack meal.

·        If a student(s) pays full price for lunches at school, they will pay the full price per sack meal.  

How will the pick up work?

·        Each student is in either group 1, 2, or 3. 

·        Group 1 are the students who are in-person Monday and Tuesday. 

·        Group 1 students will be given a bag of their 6 meals before they leave school on Tuesday.  (This way they have a breakfast and a lunch for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday before they come back in person next Monday.)

·        Group 2 are the students who are in-person Wednesday and Thursday. 

·        Group 2 students will be given a bag of their 6 meals before they leave school on Thursday.  (This way they have a breakfast and a lunch for Friday, Monday, and Tuesday before they come back in person next Wednesday.)

·        Group 3 are the fully remote students.

·        Group 3 students will be able to pick up their 10 meals on Friday from 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm.  (This way they have a breakfast and a lunch for Monday through Friday of the next week.)  These families will pick up their meals at the building that each child attends (i.e. if you have children at multiple buildings, you will have to make multiple stops).

How do we sign up for the sack meals option?

·        A parent must call the school building main office in which their child attends to be placed on the list.  (So if you have a child in each building, you will have to call each building and add them to each building list.)

·        Once a student is added to the list, they will continue to be on the list until the family calls the school to notify the school that they wish to be removed.

·        If a family does not initially add their students to the list, they can choose later to be added.  HOWEVER, to be added to the list for the folloing week's meals, families must call and request so by NO LATER THAN 2:00 PM THE THURSDAY BEFORE.  THIS REQUIREMENT IS NECESSARY FOR FOOD ORDERING AND PREPARATION.

If you have any questions, please contact either your student’s building main office or the Board Office. 

Dixie Elementary Office:  (937) 687- 3511

Dixie Middle School Office:  (937) 687- 3508

Dixie High School Office:  (937) 687- 1366

Board of Education Office:  (937) 687- 1301

Welcome Back Night

Welcome Back Night is now scheduled for a remote welcome on August 27th beginning at 5 pm.  Welcome videos for each school will be posted on the district website in the individual school pages menus that appear when your cursor is placed on the school name at the top of the page. 

We encourage our families to watch all of the presentations to get ready classes that will begin on August 31.

Fall Sports

Fall sports are underway at Dixie Middle and High school.  Several teams have begun competition.  A recent announcement by Governor Dewine has also cleared the way for contact sports to begin competition.

The Ohio Department of Health has issued orders for how contact sports will proceed and parameters for allowing spectators at sporting events.  The orders limit spectators to just 15% of the seated capacity at a sports venue.  The reduced spectator capacity means that we will need to prioritize the families of participants for attending games/matches.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to allow attendance of students or community members (unless a member of a participant’s family) to begin the seasons.  The restrictions may last through the entire season if health conditions and Ohio Department of Health orders remain the same.

School Safety

This school year will have a number of new requirements and procedures for students including masking, distancing, sanitizing, hand-washing and other expectations to reduce the potential for transmitting COVID 19.  It is our sincere hope that these new expectations, in addition to other precautions, will allow us to continue in-person instruction without any elevation of cases at school or in the community.  We appreciate the support of all of our families in making sure students can meet these new and extremely important expectations.

Greg Williams,
Aug 21, 2020, 12:17 PM