In-telligent App- New smartphone communication application for New Lebanon Schools

posted Mar 1, 2017, 6:59 AM by Greg Williams
Beginning March 1, , New Lebanon Schools will begin using our new communications application for smartphones.  We have started four "In-telligent Communities" through the In-telligent app that will allow us to send messages to staff, students, parents and community members directly through their smartphones.  The instructions for downloading the application are available by clicking here.

The application includes several features that will improve typical messaging and emergency communications.

The app allows for several types of messages:
*Standard alerts will be sent with district and school information
*Personal alerts can be sent to subscribers in case we cannot contact the person through other means
*Critical and Personal Safety alerts can be sent in a way that overrides “silent” settings on a phone in emergency situations.

The school communities include a “geo-fence” that automatically includes a smartphone user with the app in a school community when he/she visits the building.

An app user can subscribe to several communities through the app, so he/she does not have to download a different app for each school.

The app will not replace any of our existing communication; it will just add one more way for us to communicate in our school communities.

We hope that you will download the application for your smartphone so that you can receive district messages and messages specific to the school communities that you join.