College Credit Night Video Meeting, 1/27/21, 6:30 pm

posted by Greg Williams

This is a wonderful opportunity for students entering grades 7-12 to learn about how you can take College level courses while still in high school.  As a CCP student, you will receive both High School and College Credit.  Our CCP Night will be held virtually on Wednesday, January 27th 6:30-7:30pm.  Students and families must attend in order to participate in CCP during the 2021-2022 School year. 

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Parent Update 1.26.21: Remote Learning Day 2/4

posted Jan 26, 2021, 11:06 AM by Greg Williams

School staff members have been designated for vaccinations in Group 1B in the vaccination plan for Ohio beginning on February 1st.  The date for vaccination of New Lebanon School District employees has been set for February 4th, 2021.  The mass vaccination event will change the learning model for Dixie students on February 4th.

Because we cannot assure that staff members will be able to return to their assignments within a specified time for student supervision, February 4th will be a full-remote day for our in-person learners.  Teachers will assign lessons/remote work appropriate to the grade level and subject area for that day for all students in the in-person model--students will not report to school buildings on that day.  Also, teachers will be accessible to students/parents by video or phone for at least two hours during the day to provide learning help--teachers will designate the time based on their availability on that day.  Students will submit an assignment/response to at least one of their teachers that will be recorded for student attendance for that day.  Some teachers may set up remote class sessions on that day depending on their availability and the lesson content.

Since the vaccine requires two doses, we expect a similar remote day later in February.

We appreciate the flexibility and the understanding of our Dixie families during the health emergency.  We are hopeful that the distribution of vaccines brings us another step closer to a return to the school routines we enjoyed before the health emergency.

New Lebanon Board of Education Meeting, 1/25/21

posted Jan 22, 2021, 5:01 AM by Greg Williams

The New Lebanon Local School District Board of Education will meet at 6 pm on January 25, 2021 at Dixie High School.

Health emergency protocols will be in effect at the meeting.

A draft of the agenda is available by selecting the link below.

February 1 Learning Model and Parent Update

posted Jan 15, 2021, 11:37 AM by Greg Williams

New Lebanon Local School District will return to 5-day per week in-person instruction beginning February 1st, 2021.  In December, data from studies conducted in several Ohio schools using full in-person learning models indicated that typical school settings, like classrooms, have a relatively low potential for spread of COVID 19 when all parties are wearing masks appropriately.  Also, the period of elevated concern by health experts for spread of COVID 19 during holiday gatherings will end during the week of Jan 18.  With these circumstances in mind, New Lebanon School District will provide important in-person learning opportunities for student in a full schedule. 

Select the link below for more details and the entire January Parent Update.

Quarantine Update and Health Procedures Reminders 1.11.21

posted Jan 11, 2021, 12:47 PM by Greg Williams

Please select the link below to view the Quarantine and Health Procedures Reminder update for 1.11.21.

Hybrid Learning and Quarantines

posted Jan 7, 2021, 11:20 AM by Greg Williams

We are continuing to collaborate with local health authorities and continuing to monitor guidance from the State of Ohio as we make decisions regarding the format of in-person learning at Dixie Schools.  Our goal is to provide our students with as many learning opportunities as advisable while limiting the potential for spread of the COVID 19 virus.

New Lebanon Local School District will remain in the hybrid learning model through January 29th.  This extension is intended to give students, families and staff an opportunity to plan through the end of the month.  Additionally, it will give the district time to evaluate the impact of information that should be available in the near future.

We are expecting written guidance regarding the governor’s recent announcement that quarantines from classroom exposure to COVID 19 will no longer be required for students and staff.  The change in guidance is based on several studies conducted in schools in Ohio that concluded that transmission of COVID 19 is limited when all parties are wearing masks in an appropriate manner even if 6 feet of social distancing cannot be maintained.  This change in guidance would greatly reduce the number of quarantines and would make 5-day in-person learning more stable and effective.

Additionally, we are also hopeful that vaccinations for school employees will soon be available.

Regardless of our in-person learning model, a full-remote option will be available to families through the end of the 20/21 school year.

We intend to provide families and staff with timely notice of any changes to our in-person learning model so that all will have adequate time to plan.

New Lebanon Board of Education Organizational Meeting: January 5th

posted Dec 30, 2020, 5:38 AM by Greg Williams

The New Lebanon Board of Education will meet at Dixie High School on Tuesday, January 5th at 6 pm for the annual Organizational Meeting.

Ohio Health Emergency Guidelines will be followed for the meeting.

A draft of the meeting agenda is available by selecting the link below.

New Lebanon Board of Education Meeting, 12/14/20

posted Dec 11, 2020, 8:35 AM by Greg Williams

The New Lebanon Board of Education will meet at Dixie High School on 12/14/20 at 6 pm. A draft of the meeting agenda is available by selecting the link below.

Ohio health guidelines will be followed at the meeting for attendees.

New Lebanon Schools Amended Quarantine Guidelines

posted Dec 10, 2020, 11:42 AM by Greg Williams

The Montgomery County Department of Public Health has recently released new guidance on the length of quarantines relative to COVID 19.  New Lebanon Local School District will amend our current district health plan to include some aspects of the adjusted guidelines.

The following quarantine alternative will not apply to situations in which a student’s quarantine is due to the positive test of someone who lives in the student’s home.  The duration of a quarantine for a person who lives with a person who tests positive will be at least 14 days from the last exposure--this is our current district practice.

The 14-day standard is still the optimal duration of quarantine according to the new guidance; however, the new guidance does allow for a quarantine of fewer than 14 days if certain criteria are met and the parent of a student chooses to shorten the quarantine duration:

Alternative: Quarantine ends 10 days after last exposure (return on Day 11)  if no symptoms, the student is checked for symptoms twice a day by parents through day 14 (includes temperature check twice a day), and the student follows masking and distancing requirements.

Parents may elect to keep students quarantined for the full 14 days--the absences will still be recorded as excused.

Thank you to our entire community that has helped to reduce the potential for the spread of COVID 19 by following health guidelines.

YMCA Before/After School Care Survey

posted Dec 7, 2020, 10:47 AM by Greg Williams   [ updated Dec 7, 2020, 10:52 AM ]

The Dayton Area YMCA is hopeful that schools will be able to return to 5-day per week instruction sometime during the spring of 2021.  In order to plan before and after school care opportunities, the YMCA is seeking information about New Lebanon parent interest in having a program at Dixie Elementary School.

The Program is licensed through ODJFS and would use an afterschool curriculum that would focus on supplementing student achievement.  School-age children will enjoy a variety of experiences some examples include; arts and crafts, science, reading, music, and language arts as well as homework time daily.

Completing this form is not a commitment to entering the program when it opens again.  This survey is to help the YMCA judge if there is enough interest to sustain the program and to help the YMCA plan for programming.

The fees for the program are noted below.  Financial assistance is available for families that qualify.

Please respond to this survey by 12/18/20 if your family is interested in the service.  YMCA Survey

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